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Congratulations! TIA Membership means you are demonstrating your commitment to the industry and investing in your business and your employees. As a valued member of TIA, you will have access to a variety of resources and benefits to help your company grow and be more profitable.

Note: Prior to completing the TIA online application form, we hope you have reviewed all the necessary requirements on the “Join TIA” page, so your membership application is approved without delay.


  1. PLEASE VERIFY that your company DOES NOT already exist in TIA’s database. Please proceed with creating your TIA Membership Company Profile and select: “APPLY NOW” ONLY if you CANNOT locate your company in the TIA database.

    Note: Proceed with #2 if you locate your company in the database

  2. Please stop the online join process if you LOCATE your company’s record, and contact TIA Membership Services for immediate assistance by email hamilton@tianet.org or by phone +1.571.982.5073. We will need to reset your account before applying for TIA Membership online and this process will only take a moment.

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For immediate assistance, please contact James Hamilton by email hamilton@tianet.org or call +1.571.982.5073.