TIA Benchmarking Report

TIA's Benchmarking Report is a quarterly report that gathers operating data to present a realistic view of the 3PL industry. 

The report, comprised of data drawn from three categories of members based on revenue, represented 1.3 million shipments and $2 billion in total revenue for Second Quarter 2016. 

The TIA Benchmarking Report separates performance by the core services each 3PL offers. Nearly 97% of all revenue was derived from over-the-road truckload (TL), rail intermodal (IM) and Less-than-Truckload (LTL) in Second Quarter 2016. 
The 25 page report further examines additional metrics like revenue and margin per shipment changes and the most recent 8 quarter trends. It details the reasons for volume, revenue and margin changes. 

The publication is based on a monthly survey of TIA members who submit real operating data, and answer questions on business conditions affecting the 3PL industry. TIA's efforts are providing a truly comprehensive report on the trends and practices of the 3PL industry.

TIA's members and the transportation community have never had access to empirical data coming directly from active 3PLs but rather have relied on assumptions data developed by various analysts. The TIA Benchmarking Reports provides a truly comprehensive report on the trends and practices of the 3PL industry, providing a representative understanding of what is happening within this business sector. 

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