VILT: Sales Strategies for 3PLS - 2022

VILT: Sales Strategies for 3PLS - 2022

What is the fastest way to get a sales rep to the sales-ready point? A: Use extensive role-plays as a coaching tool!  Whether you are a sales rep or sales manager this program will teach you how to use role-plays to enhance your sales performance.  This newly developed seminar focuses on the following learning objectives:

  • Learn the six stages of sales behavior change and the primary forms of learning that help drive sales to role-play effectiveness with 3PL sales reps
  • Learn the primary differences between sales training and sales coaching and when to employ each method
  • Learn how a sales manager can design an efficient and effective role-play program using four simple steps
  • Learn to design role-plays that increase the speed of learning new sales behavior or correct poor behaviors.
  • Learn how to coach by participating in role-plays interactions
  • Learn the five expected outcomes of role-play coaching sessions
  • Learn how to self-diagnose your selling skills

James T. Kenny, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Marketing at Western Illinois University, presents this virtual instructor-led training and is the creator of TIA’s Partnership Selling in the Supply Chain online course.


Dr. Kenny taught and researched strategic marketing, professional selling, and sales management at Western Illinois University.  During his 25 years at WIU, he was nominated for Teacher of the Year twelve times and won twice. Additionally, he won two Faculty Excellence awards. He has published and presented dozens of papers in strategic marketing planning, transportation brokerage, and professional selling. 

Professionally, Dr. Kenny has provided consulting services for over 125 firms and trade associations nationwide in the last 30 years. His client list includes UPS World Wide Logistics, FedEx, Allen Lund Company, Landstar, and Total Quality Logistics. Additionally, he has served as a research fellow for international consulting giants McKinsey & Co. and AT Kearney.  

Dr. Kenny served on the Board of Directors of WERC. He won the 2001 President’s Service Award from CPIA for his Marketing Audit Program and the 1996 Outstanding Service Award from TIA for his Consultative Sales Program. Professor Kenny was the 2010 recipient of the TIA Heritage Award.

7/12/2022 2:00 PM - 7/21/2022 3:30 PM

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