VILT: The 3PL Sales Final: A 120 Question Examination

VILT: The 3PL Sales Final: A 120 Question Examination

Imagine you have to take a final comprehensive exam at the end of a semester. Take the final exam for 3PL Sales. This interactive exam covers questions on the sales process, major account selling, leads, prospecting, sales call openings, questioning skills, questioning types, successful salespeople characteristics, sales call objectives, objection types, objection prevention, commitment obtainment, negotiations, the buying process, customer service, and long-term partnership building.  It doesn’t matter if you are a sales coach, a rookie sales representative, or a seasoned veteran. This Virtual Instructor Lead Training (VILT) program is designed for you.  Can you earn an A+ on the ultimate sales skill’s final examination? 


A sample of 120 questions you will be able to answer after the training is below:

·       Which step of the sales process is overrated in terms of its importance?

·       Can you identify which option best demonstrates the predictive validity of social selling in the 3PL spot market?

·       Can you identify what would most likely predict a sales call failure?

·       According to psychological research data, which behavior best predicts sales success?

·       Can you identify what would demonstrate a stall during a sales call?

·       Can you identify what demonstrates the worst way to open a sales call?  

·       What are the characteristics of a good prospect?

·       What does marketing research reveal is the best source of leads?

·       What are the criteria for a good sales call objective?  

·       Can you identify the best way to close a sale?

·       Can you identify an example of the WORST way to close a sale?

·       What are parts of the relationship development process?

·       What is the most significant mistake sales reps make in negotiation?


Who should attend:

·       Sales Managers who actively coach salespeople,

·       New Sales Representatives with less than one year’s experience, and

·       Sales Representatives who feel rusty.


James T. Kenny, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Marketing at Western Illinois University, presents this virtual instructor-led training and is the creator of TIA’s Partnership Selling in the Supply Chain online course.



Dr. Kenny taught and researched strategic marketing, professional selling, and sales management at Western Illinois University.  During his 25 years at WIU, he was nominated for Teacher of the Year twelve times and won twice. Additionally, he won two Faculty Excellence awards. He has published and presented dozens of papers in strategic marketing planning, transportation brokerage, and professional selling. 

Professionally, Dr. Kenny has provided consulting services for over 125 firms and trade associations nationwide in the last 30 years. His client list includes UPS World Wide Logistics, FedEx, Allen Lund Company, Landstar, and Total Quality Logistics. Additionally, he has served as a research fellow for international consulting giants McKinsey & Co. and AT Kearney.  

Dr. Kenny served on the Board of Directors of WERC. He won the 2001 President’s Service Award from CPIA for his Marketing Audit Program and the 1996 Outstanding Service Award from TIA for his Consultative Sales Program. Professor Kenny was the 2010 recipient of the TIA Heritage Award.

3/15/2022 2:00 PM - 3/24/2022 3:30 PM

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