Technology 101: Tech Essentials For Freight Brokers

Technology 101: Tech Essentials For Freight Brokers

Are you looking to become a new freight broker? If so, you will need to understand the technology required to be successful as a broker. The old days of phones, fax machines, pencils and paper are long gone. To step into the role as a freight broker you need to know and understand how to use today’s technology  tools.

For example, customers need real-time information on where their freight is, when it will get where it is going and proof that it delivered. You too need to know that because if you don’t have proof it delivered, you won’t get paid! Our course will discuss how to make sure you have the proper systems and visibility tools to do this.

Being a successful broker is hard work. It is even harder without the right tools. Getting up-to-speed on which tools you need, the “Do’s and Don’ts” of finding the right systems and the “should and shouldn’t” decisions for technology are tantamount to being a successful broker. Technology is not cheap. Take this course to make the right decisions and put your money into technology spent in the right place(s). If you want to succeed in the brokerage business, you must make it easy for your customers to do business with you. To do that you need to have a strong technology platform.

TIA’s course in technology for freight brokers will give you the solid grounding necessary to move forward with your plans as a broker. It is structured for the beginner broker and will guide you through all the various types of technology out there to support your operations from Tender to Invoice.

Schedule of Activities for Quarter 4, 2024:

Module 1: Release date: Monday, September 25, 2023

Student Orientation - Week of October 2-6, 2023

Module 2: Release date: Monday, October 16, 2023

Module 3: Release date: Monday, November 6, 2023

Module 4: Release date: Monday, November 20, 2023.

Virtual Office Hours - Week of December 4-10

Technology 101 Final Exam: December 14, 2023 9am-5pm ET
9/25/2023 8:00 AM - 12/14/2023 5:00 PM

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