L&L: New Advancements In Rating Tech to Grow Margins

New Advancements In Rating Tech to Grow Margins

When you bid a lane – how do you know the rate is right? After all, your rate can’t be so low that you can’t cover the loads when they’re tendered to you, but not too high that you don’t win any freight. These questions will be answered in this panel. The panel will discuss both traditional solutions as well as emerging solutions that enable typical freight brokers, who don’t not have tens of millions of dollars to collect and analyze millions of data points to understand the current market. The audience will have an opportunity via the TIA mobile app to ask questions to learn the nuances.
Please note that this webinar will discuss the general process of purchasing transportation services and selling them to shippers for a profit, and the emerging technologies available to do this effectively. To ensure compliance with competition law, no actual, specific rates will be discussed in either the presentation or the Q&A.
2/4/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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