L&L: Selecting, Implementing, and Driving Adoption of Tech

This presentation will evaluate the best ways to drive adoption of the technology you choose.  As a 3PL, you’ve probably invested a lot of money in technology, but is it being used the way it was intended? Or, is it simply around to satisfy a need to be "up-to-date" on the latest technology?  A lot of companies buy tech with high expectations, but the reality falls short. Often, this is through no fault of the technology itself. Rather, the selection and implementation process didn’t follow best practices. Implementation needs to include training that focuses on more than which buttons to click. Employees need to be trained on WHY to use the product and HOW to incorporate it into their workflow. The new tech should improve their daily lives, and once it is fully adopted, it will also improve your business in significant ways.
4/1/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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