The Marketing & Sales Management Audit Webinar

When was the last time you audited your Marketing and Sales Management operations? What one word describes the core of marketing? What are the five marketing management philosophies and which one is the greatest effect on a 3PL?  What are the core components of the marketing mix? Mathematically how do customers define value? What is relationship marketing? What is the difference between market penetration market development? What is service differentiation/competitive advantage? What are the three methodologies that a 3PL can employ for developing sustainable differentiation?  What are the four critical task a sales manager was developed for a go to market strategy? What are the three basic assumptions a sales manager must make to become successful?  What are five steps to establishing and sustaining a sales management team? How does money work in terms of motivational strategies for a sales team?  Come see if you know the answers to over 60 marketing and sales management questions that could provide a boost to your 3PL.
11/5/2019 - 11/7/2019

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