The Summer All-Star Sales Quiz

Research tells us sales reps make three common mistakes: what are they?  What are the six steps of the sales process? What are the three phases of selling? What are two major irritations that sales reps engage in during their sales call openings? What is the primary difference between sales effectiveness and sales efficiency?  What is the primary difference between how buyers think versus how salespeople think? What is the value equation in selling? If you were asked to define Professional Selling what three critical components would you need to include in your answer? What are the two critical behaviors that salespeople need to employ to help reduce sales call objections? What are the four outcomes of a sales call? Which of the four outcomes of a sales call is the worst thing that can happen to a salesperson? What are the four critical components of a sales call opening? What is the single biggest challenge for a sales representative in the logistics industry to overcome with a shipper? Come see if you are a Sales All-Star and get the answers to all of these questions and more at TIA’s July Webinar the Summer All-Star Sales Quiz: 50+ Questions to Test your Sales Skills Knowledge.
7/17/2019 - 7/18/2019

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