Fraud In The Supply Chain Course

Fraud In The Supply Chain Course
The Fraud In The Supply Chain micro-course was designed by TIA members, for TIA members. The purpose of creating this complimentary course was to assist TIA members in developing and implementing their own individual carrier selection policies and procedures to help combat fraud in the supply chain that many are seeing everyday. The ideas and information shared in this course are to be seen as best practices in helping brokers identify bad actors within the supply chain, and the steps one would need to take.

During this course, each students will:
  • Learn more about the background surrounding unlawful brokerage activities
  • Identify the commonalities of the "double brokering life cycle"
  • Observe common examples of fraud in the supply chain
  • Review a list of "red flags" meant to help brokers identify fraud that is happening earlier in the process
  • Practice identifying and responding to fraud via real-world case studies
  • Acquire best practices and tools for combating future fraud in the supply chain

This course is available to TIA members complimentary, at no-cost. If you would like to sign up employees from your company, but are receiving the wrong price, please reach out to TIA Education Staff for assistance at
6/1/2023 - 12/31/2024 11:00 PM

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