2018/2017 Compensation Report

TIA's Compensation Report provides invaluable information about logistics firms’ salaries and compensation, their organization, and job descriptions. More than 80 companies participate in the survey, providing data on over 30 different job positions.  "The TIA Compensation Survey is an essential tool for any 3PL owner that wants to retain employees and independent contractors in the highly competitive 3PL employment environment," said Robert Voltmann, President and CEO of TIA.  The 2017 paper version of the Measure Up survey is available for $295 per TIA Member organizations and $395 for non-members.  The 2016 paper version is available and has been reduced to $100 for TIA Member organizations and $150 for non-members.  If you purchase both the 2017 and 2016 reports, the price is $375 for TIA Member organizations and $525 for non-members. Get Your Report Free If you participate in the survey, you will get a paper edition free for every period that you provided data.  Simply email surveys@prosperiogroup.com to find out how to submit your data. On-Line Tool Provides Greater Flexibility, More Up to Date Data, and 24 x 7 Access Unlike the on-line paper survey which is updated 1x a year and provides static cuts that you can’t alter, the MeasureUp online tool provides 24 x 7 access to the latest in market pay trends through continually updated data that you can slice and dice to better suit your needs…for example, you can filter the results to only non-asset based brokerages under $100m in annual revenue, or other cuts which may be more relevant. For pricing information on the online survey, go to prosperiogroup.com . Anyone who has purchased a paper version of the survey can upgrade to the online version within 30 days and have the cost of the paper survey credited towards their annual subscription.  For more information on the survey, contact info@prosperiogroup.com.

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