TIA Bond

The Name You Trust.  Providing the Security You Need.

Untitled Document Why Get Your Bond/Trust From TIA?

      • TIA is recognized as the leader in professionalism and standards in the 3PL industry.

      • A TIA bond-BMC84/trust-BMC85 lets your business partners know you only provide the highest level of
        professional service.

      • TIA is industry-neutral and not affiliated to only one of the major load boards.

      • TIA’s high standard of professionalism saves you money. Over time, our successful underwriting practices,
        ethical bond holders, mean fever fraudulent claims and less risk.

      • Your money is safe with TIA. As the professional association for the industry, we want your business to
        succeed. We will work with you - - rather than against you.

TIA Has Two Options

The TIA bond programs, just as our TIA logo is well respected and known in the industry, so is our TIA Bond. Shippers and carriers know that we are in this business for the long haul and understand what a legitimate claim is and what should and should not be paid as claim against a brokers bond.

PART I – Trust-BMC85

We have two programs, both are available at the $75,000, $100,000, and $250,000 levels:

Trust Plan: Deposit $75,000 cash into your trust held by TIA Services with no annual fee. The Fees are listed on page 3.

PART II - Bond-BMC84

Bond Plan:
TIA Services, through our insurance underwriter, offers a low cost bond alternative, Get your FREE quote online at www.tiabond.com.

       • Annual Premium $1000 - $5600 depending on risk.

       • You do not need $75,000 cash up front.

       • If willing to put up personal guarantees, the premium could be lowered.

For more information about the TIA Bond contact TIA at 703-299-5700 or tiabond@tianet.org, or Avalon Risk Management at requests@tiasuretyclaims.com or call 847-700-8098. 


For claims against a TIA Bond or Trust, download and complete the TIA Services Claim form.
Submit completed form with proper back up materials to claims@tiasuretyclaims.com or via fax to 847-890-6413.

For questions on the TIA Bond claims, contact claims@tiasuretyclaims.com or 847-235-6283.